Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back 2 school!

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One thing every tweenager dreads is going back to school, but along with the displeasure of leaving your couch for the next 180 days comes with a plus, school shopping! I have always enjoyed shopping for school i'm not quite sure why, but i love it. One thing i learned last year was to keep myself extremely organised because, every year right about in the middle of the year i start losing things , everything just gets shoved into one place and its just one big mess.
                         ~Easy Note taking~

To keep yourself oraganized this year try zip up three ringed binders (the reason I suggest zip up is because it keeps everything from getting destroyed) . Get colorful tabs and folders for each period, lable each tabs according to the subject , take your notebook paper and put some in each section for every class, that way when you are ready to take notes you can just flip to the subject your in.

One school necessity for me is a planner the one I got for this year is my favorite so far, it has tabs on the sides making it so much easier to navigate through the various sections. Planners not only organize your backpack it organizes your mind.
                        ~Locker Space~

There is one thing that i know of that excites girls going into middle school, lockers. They are place to call you own for the year. We all know that our lockers are not going to be as neat as the one in the picture shown above, but its important to keep them as clean as possible. Make sure you put your books on the bottom shelf, their easier to get to and more convenient. Keep your locker free of papers, as well as open food. I know that at my school if you leave open food in your locker there will be tons of bugs in your locker the next morning. Stay away from cluttering up your locker door with tons of magnets this can make it look busy as well as messy.

Hope your school year is awesome!
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Sky and Jules!!! said...

you are so creative and awesome!\
Good tips!

Anna said...

thanks so much!

Madeleine said...

School shopping is one thing I definitely miss now that I am homeschooled :) I loved buying cute binders and every color pin I could find!

Coral said...

i was wondering if you could promote my blog. That would be awesome :)